Exchanging Data

Use in Internet Marketing

Our systems are not only used in transacting data between a manufacturer and their suppliers, but they are also used in real-time marketing... in connecting a consumer to suppliers.


Within the world of internet marketing, an interested consumer is a lead for the business that can supply them what they're looking for. And each type of business segment can be separated into lead verticals such as health insurance, payday loans, home refinance, business loans, online education, etc. There are multiple product offerings within each vertical. An example would be 8 different health care plans by three different healthcare providers for which the specific consumer might fit when choosing health insurance. Another example might by 1 specific black 2012 Toyota Tundra Limited in 4WD make model trim sold by 4 different car dealerships in a 30 mile radius. Or even a need to eat chicken pad thai tonight for dinner with a budget of $14 without leaving the apartment where 5 thai restaurants deliver in a 10 mile radius and sell chicken pad thai at that price range.


So these transactions are occuring every minute across the globe. And more than the sheer volume but the level of connected-ness that we live in.... only begs for us to improve the quality and richness of each event. Every day, our systems help that consumer make the decision on purchases and commitments. And the only constraint is which suppliers are loaded in the system. So signup your business today if you are transacting in any of the lead verticals we currently have. And if you don't see your industry on the list, let us know and we'll add it. We want your company's products and services to be offered front and center when a consumer is in need of it. That's the power of realtime internet marketing.


Use in Manufacturing

Realtime ordering when Part A is near out of stock. Better yet, realtime ordering when Part A stock has a run rate to be out of stock next week and ordering just enough to fill outstanding orders. No more, no less. Now that's optimal automation in manufacturing.


Monte Carlo simulation and self-adjusting systems with a wide set of business rule levers make all this possible. A manufacturer can have anywhere from five to even a few thousand products to sell. And what's typical is that these products are assembled with a few component parts. So if Part A is used in ten products and two of those products are hot sellers right now on the website, can manufacturing keep up with the demand? Capacity planning involves not only having the right number of parts but the right number of machines or humans needed to assemble. OptimalMatch systems in the manufacturing configuration provide the operational capability in decisioning, ordering, and alerting.


To have the leading edge in tangible product sales, your business must combine online sales, marketing, stock room, manufacturing, human resources and purchasing into one well-oiled machine. You don't have to be a Walmart to have end-to-end systems integration. Simple as that. Signup your business today and you will most likely find that your suppliers are already integrated for order automation.



Use in Government

Bidding on a contract is simple. It's a very simple process of filling out a form here and there...then locating and submitting it to the right department. Waiting for approval or rebidding is what happens after that. Sometimes one missing field on the form means delays or rejection. Right? It's one thing when it is a multi-million dollar contract for a military fighter jet. But when it is for a plumber to come fix the leaky faucet in the men's room or to install a door strike on an entrance, this is downright ridiculous.


Let's just say optimal is atypical in government acquisition processes. Enter the optimalmatch systems. When you set up an order in the system as a local plumber that is near an Army base, you make yourself available to this Army base according to your rules. And your rules might be that you work monday thru thursday and have a straight rate for fixing leaky faucets at $60 before 5pm and $100 after 5pm. Well, a week from now a faucet breaks down in the mess hall and the building master enters in a request for help. Your bid is automatically sent to him along with 3 other plumbers and in real-time your bid is accepted. An alert hits your email box and a call is placed to you letting you know you'll need to get to the mess hall within the next couple hours. Now that's Optimal!

Simplify your goverment deals through automation. Signup to offer your services, if you want to do business with your local government and military agencies.


Supply and Demand.

Data exchange is the heart of business.
Every millisecond within our world, an exchange of information, goods, or services take place. As humans, we have the right to freely and openly transact with efficiency and satisfaction. B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C. OptimalMatch Systems empowers your company. Your ideas...your vision....your future optimally.


Get Integrated.

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